Our team of professionals have successful backgrounds in the film, television and speaking engagement support industries.

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19” Teleprompters

· Higher contrast levels for greater clarity

· Smooth, fast refresh, resulting in less strain on the eyes

· Quick, easy set up/break down

· Superior light distribution vs. fluorescent back-lit monitors

· 4.3 format reduces scan movement in presenters eyes

· Talley lights for live shows

· Ideal for a wide angle lens or wide angle hood

· The 19” takes the place of the 15” with 35% greater viewing area

12” Teleprompters

· Suitable for studio and field

· Applicable where high brightness is required (direct sunlight)

· Reading range 4 meters – 12 feet

· Quick, easy set up/break down


12 & 19” Stand alone Teleprompters 


· Practical for quick set ups with fixed shots

· Ideal for lightweight tripods/cameras

· Zero time for rigging

8” Teleprompters

· Versatile for hand-held, Steadicam and mounted applications

· Reading ranges of up to 3 ft.

· Weighs less than 2 lbs.

· Battery powered/ Remote controlled operation

· Ideal for hand-held commercials, promos, infomercials and reality shows

Overhead Monitors

· Ideal for crane shots and smaller jibs

· Superior LED Monitors

· Versatile for camera mounts independent of teleprompter glass

· Lightweight

Musician TeleMonitors

· Vertical or Horizontal Monitors

· Wedge base resembles floor speakers

· Easy to read rolling or static lyrics

· Monitor angles inside wedges ideal for easy viewing

Presidentials for Speeches
* Motorized Robotic Rising Stands

· State of the art, high-bright Monitors for inside and outdoor applications

· Hearty bases stand up to weather conditions

· Rise & Fall Presidentials automatically adjust for varying speaker heights

· Flexibility for all variations required for award ceremonies, conferences & presentations

· Duplicate technology used for the White House

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We are not naturally programmed to carry on a conversation with an inanimate object, such as a Teleprompter, But it can be learned!



White House Communications Agency
Presidents Jimmy Carter through
President Barack Obama

Ambassador Andrew Young
Robert Downey Jr.
Vin Diesel
Shaquille O’Neal
Oprah Winfrey
Tyler Perry
Elton John
Jeff Foxworthy
Buzz Aldrin
The Walking Dead
Vampire Diaries
NEA (National Education Association),
Alone (The History Channel)
The Deadliest Catch (Discovery Channel)
The Coca-Cola Company
Southern Company (20+ yrs)
Rooms to Go (16+ yrs)
Primerica (17+ yrs)
NBA Playoffs
PGA & Masters Golf Tournaments (12+ yrs)
Braves Spring Training (9+ yrs)
NCAA Conference
SEC Championships (12+ yrs)

Expert Operators & Support


• Over 30 years of working with talent

• Cool, calm and assuring

• 90wpm typing for live shows

• Cases are all airplane ready

• The most sought after software in the teleprompter field

• Rigging in all situations

• Simultaneous prompting and live script changes


Major League Baseball
The History Channel
Colin Powell
Trumpet Awards (8+ yrs)
CBS Sports and many, many more…